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Eurorack power cable

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Eurorack Power Cable

10-16 pins

length 20cm


BLACK NOISE modules using 10/10 pins cable :
Modules using 16/10 pins can also be use with 10/10 pins if your power bus allow it.

BLACK NOISE modules using 16/10 pins cable :
-Mixer 4 V1 & V2
-Voltage processor
-Dual Mixer
-Dual Multi
-Dual Rectifier

BLACK NOISE modules using 16/16 pins cable :

Handmade in France with love and croissants

We create original and inspiring modules for sound design and music exploration with no compromises.

We focus not only on the sound but also on the interface to bring you the best User experience.

All our modules are designed and handmade in France with only high-end components.

  • High-end

    All our products are design and Handmade in France. We make no compromise over the quality of your products.

  • User-friendly

    User experience is what drive our design. We design our products to be easy to understand, easy to use and inspiring.

  • DIY-friendly

    We want our products to be accessible even to beginners.
    We do your best to make our products as simple as possible to build.

  • Eco-friendly

    We want our products to have the smallest impact on the environment. We do all we can to reduce waste.

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